Since its foundation in 1942, KELCH has become one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of tool holders, tool presetting machines and shrinking machines.
It says more than anything that their products are used by the world’s largest tool manufacturers.
Their references are non-exhaustive: Bosch, CeramTec, Heidelberg, John Deere, Kennametal, Komet, Liebherr, Röhm, SEW, Voith.

The German company Kelch offers solutions for all user needs, from the smallest machining companies to the largest multinationals
to companies (Vaskuvik Kft., Higem-Ker Kft., Binder Szerszám, Stadler Szolnok Vasúti geizögyártó Kft., BSM Magyarország Kft., Audi Hungária Zrt., Bosch company group, Knorr Bremse, Siemens Energy Kft…) Modular machines, from manual operation to up to full CNC control. Proprietary MPS spindle, uniquely developed measuring programs.



An excellent value-for-money tool pre-setter, with a simple and reliable design, and Kelch’s proprietary Covis measurement software. It features a modular construction, offering a range from manual operation to full CNC control.


Custom, high-precision (up to 0.005 mm) Kelch patented, interchangeable MPS spindle with Kelch’s in-house developed Easy software featuring an automatic measuring program. The V6 series can be equipped with numerous options, such as Modetec adapter control, pull-off inspection, tolerance monitoring, autofocus/full CNC.


A model that caters to the highest demands, featuring a cast iron machine bed to eliminate vibrations (1-ton self-weight). It offers a wide range of precision measurement functions as standard equipment. It includes automatic Balluff, QR, and barcode readers for creating a 3D model of the entire tool. It also includes a centering camera, angle head, shank, and grinding wheel measurement. It can be combined with a shrink fit unit, allowing measurement during shrinkage with length adjustment.


The simple and robust design of Kelch shrink fit units ensures a long lifespan while maintaining ease of use. The cooling water unit can cool down the tools within one minute, making tool changes very quick.

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