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In addition to our products, we provide outstanding expert assistance and technical support. Our engineers find the most favorable tooling and technology for your cutting challenges.
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Technical support
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Custom tool design

Can't find a suitable tool in the catalogs? Do you want to reduce the cycle time of the part? We undertake the production of unique carbide, indexable and soldered PKD tools from planning, through execution and commissioning of the tools.


Our goal is to offer our partners the most economical and reliable machining technology currently available. To this end, we use cutting tests to find the most suitable solution for the tasks assigned by our partners. To achieve our goals, we are not afraid to try new solutions, tools, and technologies.


Entrust us with the complete tooling of your workpiece! Thanks to the decades of experience of our suppliers and engineering team, we undertake full workpiece tooling, be it standard or unique solutions. Our design goal is economy and productivity. If required, we also prepare a complete cycle time analysis and tooling presentation.


We carry out warranty and post-warranty servicing of Kelch measuring machines and shrink machines, as well as Speroni measuring machines. Commissioning, training in Hungarian, annual calibrations and servicing are carried out by our own team of service technicians.

Professional tool storage with automatic tool dispenser

Our service team handles the entire process, from customer requests to commissioning. Specification, commissioning, training in Hungarian from the general user to the management level, individual parameterization of the system. Compilation of outstanding reports and statements. Integration of the tool publisher into the company management system.

Renovation of driven tool holders and tool changers

Since 2017, we have been the only one on the Hungarian market to offer a competitive brand-independent powered toolholder renovation based on German technology with Hungarian specialists. The renovation process is carried out by Wendel Gmbh, which has many decades of experience. with his support, we created it and develop it every year. Since 2019, we have been refurbishing Sauter and Duplomatic tool changers with factory parts.

Exclusive domestic manufacturer's representative

We provide the exclusive domestic representation of several global brands.
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