Why us?


About us

In a unique way in Hungary, we represent the manufacturers of several world brands. Our offer can perhaps be said to be the strongest on the Hungarian market. Our products and solutions are not limited to the program of an international company. If you work with us, you can be sure that you will get the best solution, together with factory background support.

What we offer

In addition to all products, we also provide high-quality service and a reliable background. We do not sell a product, but offer a solution to your tasks and problems.


Local support

Our representatives will visit you personally in any area of the country and help you choose the best solution for the given machining task.

Műszaki tanácsadás

Technical consulting with manufacturer background

The team of Szerszám Technika Kft. consists of enthusiastic young engineers who have extensive experience in the field of metal cutting.


Innovative solutions, process optimization

Just like WIDIA, FMT, or VARGUS, Szerszám Technika Kft. is also committed to the application of the latest technologies and methods.

We store what is important to you

Based on a unique agreement, Szerszám Technika Kft. stocks exactly the product you need.

We tailor the terms to your needs

Szerszám Technika is a 100% Hungarian-owned company. We do not need to ask for permission from a foreign parent company or owner in order to fulfill your special needs.

About ourselves

We work with all our knowledge and expertise to offer our partners the best solution.
I believe that if we can establish a real partnership with our customers, they can gain a market advantage with our knowledge and experience. That's why we always think about long-term cooperation.
Jungmayer Csaba Ádám
Manager, company owner
Pásztor Zsolt
As a sales manager, I believe in hard work and value a fair deal above all else. Correct partnership, professionalism and clear dialogue are essential for this. These are our strengths and they provide the basis for our dynamic development.
Pásztor Zsolt
Sales manager
As a technical person, I believe that with precise and persistent work, we can always meet the requirements set by our partners and thereby contribute to increasing their competitiveness.
Troszt Gergő
Head of technical department


Cégünk teljes egészében meg van elégedve a nyújtott szolgáltatásokkal. Segítőkészek, pontosak, hatalmas termékpalettával rendelkeznek. Jó a szakmai hátterük, a technológiai támogatásuk! A nap nagy részében kereshetem Őket és mindig gyors választ és megoldást kapok.
Katona Miklós
Fémalk Zrt.: Tool shop manager
Mai elvárásoknak megfelelni, nem elég jó termékekkel dolgozni. Szüksége van magas szintű műszaki támogatásra is a felhasználóknak, azok valódi előnyeinek kiaknázásához! Ezt kapom meg a Szerszám Technikától.
Gál Attila
EMTC Bt.: Machine manufacturing technologist
Könnyű velük együtt dolgozni, mert értenek hozzá és készségesek.
László Axman
Certa Kft.: Technology manager

Tools from experts

The focus is on performance.
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